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Meet Body Smart Coach Gav

Written by Matthew Ainsworth | Thursday 9th Dec 2021 |

Gav has always had a huge interest for health and fitness, playing football for professional teams growing up, to then becoming a football coach. Gav soon realised that his passion was in helping others. He trained as a personal trainer and coach a decade ago and hasn’t looked back!

Gav spent some time studying Sports Science at Strathclyde University in Glasgow and gained valuable experience coaching a variety of people from professional athletes and powerlifters to helping women with pre and postnatal fitness. He also learned advanced nutrition principles.

When not coaching, you will find Gav enjoying or playing all things football as well as many other sports. Taking a break from kicking a ball, Gav also enjoys music, travelling and getting outside with his partner, Jen, and dog, Kobe.


He continues to be fiercely passionate when it comes to helping people saying, ” I work with clients to improve all areas of their fitness, nutrition and mostly mindset.” Gav understands that life is busy and stressful but enjoys working through challenges to help clients get sustainable results. He’s also able to relate many clients struggles to his own personal experiences or compare to situations where he has professionally helped others out of similar situations. He’s compassionate and fair, gives you tough love when you need it and is extremely knowledgeable to help you achieve your goals.

When asked about his coaching style Gav said, “I am a supportive coach and enjoy motivating others to #CutTheBS. I educate by telling people what they need to hear not necessarily what they want to hear”.

For coaching opportunities with Gav, click here.

Written by Matthew Ainsworth

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