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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our coaching

What are you actually selling at BodySmart Fitness?

A personalised one-to-one online fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching program. You are coached by your personal 1:1 Body Smart coach and with their accountability and help will develop the thoughts, habits and behaviours to change your lifestyle. Our coaching will help you break free from restrictive diets, improve your relationship with food, stop spending endless hours in the gym and create a positive mindset.

What does that mean?

Imagine us as your life and health coaches in your pocket! You have a lot of access to us and our expertise throughout your coaching journey. 
We develop a two-way relationship with you and encourage you to be honest and open to allow us to help you with our powerful mix of fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching. We keep you accountable, educate you on the right strategies for your personal set of circumstances, and we challenge the way you think – in a really powerful way! We offer our services online and use technology to stay connected with you so that you can fit in our coaching around your busy life, job and commitments. We believe that your new lifestyle should fit into your life and we work together to do just that. In addition to your 1:1 connection with your Body Smart coach, we also invite you to our Body Smart community of likeminded women. Here, our community will also cheer you on to achieve your goals. If you wish, you’ll get to connect to other community members through our bonus group coaching calls, dedicated WhatsApp groups and live Q&As. We’ve covered as many bases as possible to keep your goals top of mind, keep you accountable and watch you succeed in many areas of your life. Clients start with us looking to get results in the way they look, but they leave knowing that the way they feel in themselves has changed for the better and been the best part of their investment.

What do you get?

Typically our clients usually achieve the following results:

Desired body composition results

Remove 5, 10, 20+ years of dangerous diet beliefs and habits

Food freedom to eat any food and drink you enjoy

An improved relationship with food

Reduced cravings

More consistency – no more yo-yoing!

Increased strength, stamina and fitness level

Solid technique and form on exercises for better results and injury prevention

Improved levels of self-trust and self-belief

Improved confidence and self-esteem

A more positive mindset

Multiple coping strategies tailored to you and your lifestyle for when things crop up that might threaten your progress

A deeper level of self-care and self-love

Better hormonal balance

A sense of community and support through friendships that develop in the amazing Body Smart Coaching Community

The tools we use in our coaching to help clients achieve the above include;

Initial in-depth and powerful video call with your coach to establish goals, action steps and your deeper meaningful reasons for wanting results

Personal text, video and voice note messaging with your Body Smart coach through the week – usually via WhatsApp

Weekly check-in process to keep you accountable and make appropriate tweaks to your plans

Monthly 1-2-1 transformative coaching calls

A personalised, effective fitness plan for gym or home, refreshed every month to keep you challenged and keep your results coming!

Body Smart nutrition blueprint that will enable you to eat and drink all the foods you love, bespoke to you

Access to the Body Smart app where you can track your workouts, measurements and receive notifications about important community updates

Inclusion in Body Smart Coaching Community Facebook group

Weekly roundtable group coaching discussion on a variety of topics to ensure you develop the knowledge to change your habits for life

Recipes and meal inspiration

Weekly Q&A live sessions

Access to the Learning Zone full of educational videos on all aspects of nutrition, fitness and mindset

Access to VIP WhatsApp group for continued communication and inspiration


Which coach will I have?

Our coaches are experts in their field, but each coach has different disciplines, backgrounds and specialist qualifications and experience that they bring to the rich array of Body Smart coaching.

If you already follow some of our coaches and you know who you would prefer to work with, let us know and we will do our best to pair you with your coach of choice. We cannot guarantee that your coach of choice will have availability as coaching places are limited and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

When we talk with you on the initial call, we get to know you as a person; we get to understand your goals and your expectations. We know instantly who will be the right coach for you on that call so please trust our judgement and knowledge of our coaches to assign you the best coach who could quite possibly change your life!

How can I contact my coach?

It’s really easy to contact your coach by WhatsApp. Our coaches are available Mon – Fri on WhatsApp. We will get back to you within 24-36 hours, depending on time zones. We encourage you to communicate with your Body Smart coach and be open and honest. We are here to guide and support you with no judgement, compassion and empathy. This is what makes Body Smart very different from other online coaching companies. You have access to us to help you with any questions or queries you may have during your coaching programme. We will also chat to you in our scheduled monthly video calls. Your coach will call you at a pre-agreed time to chat about your progress and work through any challenges you might be facing.

Is there an age restriction?

Yes, you must be aged 25 years or over to qualify for powerful online 1:1 personalised coaching with Body Smart Fitness.

How does my coach know what I'm doing?

All of your workouts will be provided for you inside the Body Smart App. You’ll be asked to log all of your workouts through the app, and your coach will be able to see what you did in your workout and when you did it (don’t worry, the Body Smart app is very easy to use and this is a simple task).

This will allow your coach to see your progress and see how you’re getting on with the programme each week.

We track a lot of data so that it gives us a lot of metrics as coaches to see what is happening, diagnose and potential issues or pitfalls and move on with a new plan or relevant action steps.

Obviously, there needs to be a level of honesty between client and coach, and we will know if a client is saying they have completed action steps, but they actually are not. It becomes quite apparent when a client is not getting results that something is wrong. The best thing about creating an honest dialogue between yourself and a coach is that when things go wrong (and things do go wrong, it’s normal!), your coach will be able to help you through it and navigate a new strategy for the next time a similar situation happens. We only learn when we fail, and things go wrong, this is all part of the powerful personalised coaching service we provide.

How will I measure my progress?

We use three main metrics to measure your progress:

– Weight
– Measurements
– Photos

These will all be recorded inside the Body Smart app and only accessible to you and your coach. Your progress pictures will then be updated at regular intervals, as set by your coach.

Using multiple methods to measure your progress is a MUCH stronger way than one using one method (usually weight). This enables us to see if you’re progressing at the expected rate and to make any changes to your training or nutrition plan if necessary.

We also regularly assess how you feel, and we encourage you to set SMART goals with your coach every 4 weeks. These smaller mini-goals will enable you to keep focused and keep working towards your end goal without it feeling overwhelming. It is very important that we regularly monitor how you are feeling along with the measurement metrics. Changing your mindset and developing a more positive outlook is the best part of our coaching, and we want to make sure you’re feeling good.

Other measurements of progress we focus on include;

Exercise performance
Stress management
Sleep duration and quality
Mindset shifts
Education and knowledge development
Practical application of knowledge gained
Relationship with food
Inner confidence

Do you provide meal plans?

We believe that providing meal plans are detrimental in the long run to continued success as you don’t educate yourself on what makes a sustainable diet.

Instead of this, we teach you the principles of flexible dieting and how you can come to create your own diet based off foods you regularly eat and enjoy. This way, you are continuously educating yourself about food, calories, macro/micronutrients and how these all connect. This enables you to have complete control and freedom over your diet for the rest of your life. Trust us, we’ve coached thousands of women all over the world, and we know that having complete food freedom is the key to long term, sustainable success.

In the first few months of your coaching journey with us, we do get you to complete a really good exercise where you ‘build’ a meal plan, bespoke to you. We get you to do this with the help of your coach and you can pre-plan meals for a whole day, or for when you want to eat out, so you can see how it fits with your own personal targets. We do this as a knowledge exercise but it also acts as a valuable tool for clients to refer back to for meal inspiration.

We do offer recipe ideas and encourage the Body Smart community to share what they’re cooking. This acts as motivation and inspiration to try new foods and recipes.

I have a health condition, can you still coach me?

This is very dependent on your health condition, your current treatment plan and your goals. This can be discussed in our initial call, and we will be able to assess whether we can approve you for 1:1 personalised coaching.

If you have recently given birth, you will need to be signed off by your doctor or midwife before you can start coaching, especially if you have had a caesarian section. Please speak to us about this on your initial call. We may decide to defer your coaching to start once you are discharged from the care of your midwife, doctor or obstetrician.

Exercise questions

Do you need a gym membership?

Not at all! We develop training plans that are suitable for your lifestyle and needs. Whether that be a gym, home, outdoors, in a hotel bedroom – you name it, we can accommodate any situation.

If you look at our results over on www.instagram.com/teambodysmart you will read many success stories where our clients did not go to the gym and worked out at home or throughout their extensive travels.

Do I need to have training experience?

No, there is no prior training experience required. It does not matter if you have never done resistance training before or even exercised before; we cater for all different levels of experience and will develop a plan that is suitable for your needs. Remember, this is what makes us different. We work hard to tailor everything we do with you to your unique lifestyle, goals and personal challenges.

What if I don't know how to do the exercises?

The Body Smart app has full video explanations on how to perform each exercise in your programme. We also ask you to provide us with videos of yourself performing any exercises you are unsure about so we can offer feedback and advice on how to correct your form and get the most out of the exercise.

Investment questions

How much is the investment?

We have different levels of support, depending on what you need and the goals you’re looking to achieve. This is why we always request to have a chat with you and find out a little more about you, your life, your struggles and your goals. We will then work out the best level of support for you. This is an extremely personal, in-depth programme where everything is tailored to you because we want you to not just get short-term results but sustainable results that you can genuinely continue with for the rest of your life.

Your investment is a short term payment for long term lifetime food freedom, knowledge, developing a love of exercise and changing your mindset.


What payment methods do you accept?

Payment methods are Visa, Mastercard or AMEX through our 3rd party secure payment gateway provider – Stripe.

Is there a contract?

Initially, we request a mandatory four-month commitment. This is so we can have adequate time to educate you on our powerful methods for diet and exercise. Once your initial four-month personalised coaching programme is up, you have the choice to continue with us on a lower financial commitment or walk away with the knowledge and tools to continue this way of living for life. You are not tied into any long term contract after the initial four months.

Need more help?

If you need more help, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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We're so confident in our award-winning 1:1 coaching, we offer a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee. If you follow our coaching methods for 30 days and don't see a return on your investment, we'll give you your money back. Terms and conditions apply.

We're so confident in our award-winning 1:1 coaching, we offer a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee. If you follow our coaching methods for 30 days and don't see a return on your investment, we'll give you your money back. Terms and conditions apply.

Fat loss for the final time with 1:1 coaching. Apply now 👇

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