Body Smart Fitness

"Get in the best shape of your life whilst still enjoying the food you love"

Let's get started!
You need to take action to achieve your goal faster and with confidence, implementation is paramount to success and you want it!
You want to get in the best shape of your life and feel empowered, happier, stronger and more confident in yourself
You want a healthy relationship with food and understand how to take control of your diet, not fear it.
You want a tailor made fitness programme built around your work and social commitments, environment and goals that will deliver you results
You want to understand how to stop "the guilt", you should not have to cut out your favourite foods to get in amazing shape
You want to be in a community of like minded people, where you can share inspiration and ideas, support and motivation
You want a dedicated coach to track your progress and keep you on accountable
You want sustainability, a plan that has a lasting effect and one that gives you the power to stay in control of your health and fitness
You want to feel in control and not have to think about going on another demoralising diet or training plan that you see very little result from ever again

Our clients come to us with a purpose and aim. With our #BS12 week plans we help them achieve their goal. From problem to solution, we keep it simple and straightforward. We educate and motivate our clients to success through bespoke personal online coaching.

We are NOT a one size fits all programme. So we speak to every one of our clients to understand your needs, If you are right for us and we are right for you. If the desire and energy is there to move forward, in 12 weeks you will look fantastic, feel awesome and be in control of your diet, exercise and mindset.


The ultimate in online personalised coaching - 12 Week + transformation coaching to take control of your diet, learn what you need to make a sustainable change for life. Develop the right mindset and build a winning strategy for ultimate success!

"Over the last 12 weeks Body Smart Fitness has been the best support ever. I’ve lost 22lbs in weight, built lean muscle and completely changed my body shape!!!" - Steph
""It changed my life completely" is the typical title you'd see in a magazine and I'd always think "Yeah, whatever!" Yet here I am, 12 weeks after starting my personal journey and I'm that person you read about, my life HAS changed." - Nick
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