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Body Smart’s 6-level coaching program explained

Written by Matthew Ainsworth | Tuesday 12th Jul 2022 |

Our unique 6-level coaching program is guaranteed to help you achieve fat loss for the final time.

We help busy women break free from the endless cycle of diet after diet. We’re here to guide you along your journey and will help you get into the best physical and mental shape of your life.

How does the coaching program work?

Our 1:1 program equips you with the tools and knowledge you need to make behavioural changes, develop new skills, build new habits, and form identity shifts that will help you become a Body Smart Graduate.

Our 6-level program will #CutTheBS for you when it comes to fat loss.

Each level offers clear objectives to help you progress towards your goal and is designed to help you stay on track throughout your fat loss journey.

The 6-level system reduces information overwhelm and keeps you focused. It offers consistency throughout your coaching journey and will help you to maintain a ‘1% better each day’ mentality.

Focusing on identity-based goals will bring about true and sustainable behaviour change.

The level system also enables you to develop and embody a growth mindset.

Throughout your journey, you’ll have a weekly check-in with your coach, giving you the chance to reflect on the level you’re working towards. Your coach will use this feedback to guarantee that you continue to receive personalised support to help you throughout the week.

Level up your coaching program

Let’s take a closer look at the levels…

Level 1

You’re ready to start your coaching journey. To start you will learn about:

  • How to communicate with your coach effectively
  • Understanding the principles of energy balance
  • How to track calories honestly and completely
  • What causes weight anomalies
  • The respective benefits of workouts and walking

Level 2

It’s time to get into your stride with your coaching program. During level 2 you will learn about:

  • How to manipulate your energy balance to reach your goals
  • The roles macros play in the diet
  • How to track foods that will keep you full
  • Understanding what a growth mindset is and how to apply it

Level 3

Your coaching journey is well underway and you’re nearing the halfway point. At this level you will learn about:

  • Your individual hunger and fullness scale, including emotional vs physical hunger and how to optimise an 80/20 balance
  • Your personal evening routine and how it impacts your sleep
  • The impact of sleep, stress, and menstrual cycle on energy levels
  • How to build your toolbox of social strategies

Level 4

You’ve made it past the halfway point in your coaching journey. At level 4 you’ll learn about:

  • How to develop mindful eating strategies that suit you and your life
  • How your environment dictates your success with your habits and goals
  • Applying progressive overload to get the most out of your training

Level 5

You’re almost at the finish line and just one level away from becoming a Body Smart Graduate. Level 5 will teach you:

  • How to add more calories to your diet in a nutrient-dense way
  • About alternative measures of food and progress
  • How to build your own workout program

Level 6 (Graduation)

Once you’ve become a Body Smart Graduate, your coaching will begin to explore other areas. This will include:

  • Looking at different goals (performance, physique, career, family, injury-free lifestyle)
  • Refining your nutrition to optimise wellbeing
  • Focusing on self-development, self-awareness, and fulfilling your new identity
  • Building upon your confidence and body image
  • Learning about mindfulness and other self-care modalities
  • Filling your life with more joy!

If you’re ready to take the first step toward achieving your goals and achieving fat loss for the final time. Click here to apply for coaching.


Written by Matthew Ainsworth

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