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How to Stop Overeating With This One Word

How to Stop Overeating With This One Word

Written by Matthew Ainsworth | Friday 29th Oct 2021 |

🤷🏻‍♂️ Are you in a fat loss phase and you’re struggling with overeating?

🙀 If so, could your hunger be in your head rather than your belly?

📘 According to the book The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter, it is estimated that only 20% of our hunger is real physiological hunger and the remaining 80% of our hunger is driven by psychological factors.

In this video you will learn:

✅ the genuine physiological reasons that might be driving your hunger
✅ the 7 reasons you could be psychologically driven to overeat
✅ how the word BLASTED can help you undo your habit of overeating

💯 I must stress that hunger and overeating is normal, but when you’re in a fat loss phase and working hard to stay in a calorie deficit to get results, these simple mindset hacks can be super beneficial and helpful.

😔 While we teach clients to drop any guilt around food, we know that unintentional overeating when in a fat loss phase can get you down. We always like to provide easy to action strategies that anyone can do to stay on track with their goals. 🏆

🎬 So if you do one thing today, watch the video in full and remember the word BLASTED to help you reduce those incidents of mindless overeating.

Written by Matthew Ainsworth

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