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Written by Matthew Ainsworth | Sunday 8th May 2022 |

Hey! Whether you’re here for our award-winning 1:1 fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching or not, we are here for YOU!

We know that 1:1 coaching might not be the right option for right now for every person. Coaching is a short term investment in your long-term future. It is the best way to fast-track, your immediate results but also develop lifelong habits and skills that you will use forever and make your results sustainable. Because who wants to work hard to lose 30+lbs (14kg+) and then gain it all back?!

Coaching is an intense and extremely rewarding relationship where your Body Smart coach will work with you to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, to break free of limiting beliefs, fads and habits that have kept you stuck up to this point.

Think of it as a mix of life coaching, nutrition coaching and fitness coaching in one as you change how you think about yourself, how you behave and ultimately how you look and feel.

However, if coaching is not the route for you right now and you’re dedicated to getting sustainable results, what can you do? And how can we help you at Body Smart? I’d recommend the following resources:

Helping 1 million #BeBodySmart

While you might not be able to invest in 1:1 coaching right now, we are committed to investing in YOU! We have created a series of free resources to help you learn the facts not fads of fat loss for the final time.

In addition to our popular social media channels where we post daily hints, tips, hacks, education and humour to help you on your health and fitness journey, we also have the following to help you connect the dots between mindset, nutrition and fitness.

Free Calorie & Protein Calculator

You may have heard us going on about a ‘calorie deficit’ being the secret to fat loss (it is! It’s the science too!), well the first thing you need to stick to a consistent calorie deficit is the right calorie targets.

We have a calorie and protein calculator that’s completely free here

Free ‘How to Track Accurately eBook

When you’re adhering to a consistent calorie deficit, you can make your journey easier with accurate and honest calorie tracking. If you’re not sure how to do this, THIS is the eBook for you!

Download ‘How to Track Accurately’ here.

eBook – The 5 Nutrition Traps to Avoid

Are you stuck in one of these five common nutrition traps that are keeping you stuck?! Find out with our free short eBook – ‘The 5 Nutrition Traps. to Avoid’. Sometimes the reason your weight loss journey may have stalled or you are trying but not losing weight could be due to one of these common five reasons.

Click here to get your copy of ‘The 5 Nutrition Traps to Avoid’ eBook.

The Video to Watch

If you’re starting out or committing to restarting your health and fitness journey, I highly recommend you watch this video. I send this video to all friends and family when they ask for advice on where to start with their weight loss. Jaymie does an amazing job of explaining the science of fat loss and how so much more of it is within our control than we might realise.

If you have any queries about coaching, feel free to drop us an email using the contact page.

Ready and Invested?

If you know you’re ready and invested in award-winning 1:1  fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching with Body Smart, click here and apply now.

Written by Matthew Ainsworth

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