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Body Smart to ‘Graduate’ Clients into Lifelong Success!

Written by Matthew Ainsworth | Friday 11th Mar 2022 |

Proudly Launching the Road to Graduation

At Body Smart, have been working hard as a team to make your coaching journey EVEN BETTER!

Are you ready?

It’s about to get VERY exciting!

We have been online coaches since 2015 and have worked hard to create a truly life-changing coaching program to help liberate busy women from the diet trap and change their lives through our 1:1 fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching.

For almost a year, we have been working closely with clients and coaches to strategise, test, implement and refine our coaching to truly make our award-winning program the BEST in the world.

Thanks to your feedback and the hard work of our dedicated team, we are delighted to launch our BRAND NEW Body Smart Levels system and the road to your graduation.


A Toolbag of Skills for LIFE

We want EVERY client to graduate from Body Smart with a prescriptive toolbag of skills, knowledge and brand new unstoppable habits that you can sustain for life.

To give you a clear path to graduation, we have created our brand new and unique 6-level coaching program designed to break down the foundational habits, skills and knowledge needed for lifelong sustainable success.

Do you want a sneak peek?

I managed to get head coach Terry to agree to let me share this one with you as an example. This is for Level 2 and the skills you will be working on together with your coach.

As a current client, your coach will be working with you to mutually agree on which level you currently fall into as you will already be on the road to graduation with the array of skills and knowledge you have already required.

Once you have graduated, you may wish to remain in the coaching program to benefit from the unrivalled support, accountability and to focus on deeper health, holistic or performance goals.

We are dedicated to your results and working in bite-sized chunks through each level will give you the right tools for your onward success in life.

When we say we want to help you lose fat for the final time and build habits that will last for the next 30+, 40+ 50+ years of your life – we mean it!

We teach you EXACTLY what you need to know to succeed forever – so we will be the LAST program you will need.

No more yo-yo dieting.
No more restricting food.
No more fads and feeling frustrated.

This is about creating even more powerful coaching and education to pave a clear road to graduation.

The Body Smart Levels

As you know, goal setting and habit building is our area of expertise and we realised that in addition to setting our monthly SMART goals with you, you want a clear plan of progression. You thrive off having things to aim for and meeting healthy targets.

The Body Smart Levels system has been created to reduce overwhelm, keep you laser-focused on where you are NOW and instil even more consistency and that 1% better everyday mentality.

The level system will also focus on identity-based goals because these are what lead to true behaviour and sustainable change. We will also dive deep into developing and embodying a growth mindset

The Body Smart Levels will officially launch in April 2022 but between now and then, your coach will talk through this on your next strategy call. We will also be hosting Q&A sessions on Zoom, to be streamed live into the Facebook group and your coach will be on hand to help

The Body Smart Levels will not change the way you are coached and any other processes. You will still complete an in-depth weekly check-in process that is sent to you via the Body Smart app (Trainerize).

Your weekly check-in questions will reflect the Body Smart Level that you are working towards and provide your coach with the right feedback to guarantee we give you the right tailored support throughout the week.

AND if that wasn’t enough, expect surprises and celebrations along the road to your Body Smart graduation.

We can’t wait to guide you along the road to graduation so you can #CutTheBS and #BeBodySmart for life.

If you have any questions about the levels, please speak directly with your Body Smart coach.

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Written by Matthew Ainsworth

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