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Body Smart’s September team weekend highlights

Written by Matthew Ainsworth | Saturday 15th Oct 2022 |

Want to know what we got up to during Body Smart’s September team weekend?

Last month, members of Team Body Smart from across the globe gathered at our Liverpool HQ for a weekend of fun, fitness, bonding, and (a little bit of) business.

What did we get up to on the September team weekend?

Read more about what the team got up to over the course of the weekend below.


Body Smart September team meet up - Thursday

Pic: Ase Media

Team Body Smart assemble!

Members of the team from across the UK, the US, and Canada made their way to Liverpool ready for the weekend ahead.

Once everyone had arrived safe and sound, it was out for the first bit of team bonding with a meal at Salt House Tapas.


The Body Smart team at the top of The Old Man of Coniston

Pic: Ase Media

Kicking off the full first day of the meet-up, the team gathered at Body Smart HQ bright and early to board a coach that would take us up to the beautiful Lake District for a hike up The Old Man of Coniston.

As Jaymie proclaimed during the journey, the hike should have taken three hours. A valuable lesson we all learned this weekend is that when Jaymie says three hours, he’s more likely to mean six.

Despite the hike taking more time than anticipated, the team successfully made it up and down, admiring the gorgeous scenery of the Lake District along the way.

Afterwards, it was straight back on the coach to Liverpool (with a quick pit-stop for food along the way) to give the team time to head back to their hotels and prepare for the evening’s festivities.

Later in the evening, we reassembled for another team dinner at Fazenda, because what bonds a team of fitness professionals better than bottomless food?


Body Smart September team weekend

Pic: Ase Media

Saturday saw another early start for the team as we were put through our paces with an intense morning workout session.

With plenty of calories burned, it was back to Body Smart HQ for a brunch buffet and the beginning of the day’s team-building activities.

Before the team settled down for a presentation from Body Smart founders James and Jaymie, we were divided into teams and sent on a scavenger hunt around the city centre. Each team was on the lookout for iconic Liverpool sights including the Beatles and the Lambananas.

Following the company presentation, an award ceremony recognised various members for their commitment to their colleagues, clients, and Body Smart.

With the days quickly passing by, and business is done for the day, it was time to let our hair down. The team once again went back to their hotels to prepare for the evening to come… and what an evening it would turn out to be, as Team Body Smart headed to the iconic Liverpool event, Bongo’s Bingo.

You can see a snippet of how this turned out in the video below.


Team body smart saying their goodbyes

Pic: Ase Media

With plenty of sore heads following Saturday night’s events, the team said their goodbyes to Liverpool and made their journey back home.

Watch the highlights from our September team weekend below:

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Written by Matthew Ainsworth

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