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Meet Body Smart Coach Christina

Written by Matthew Ainsworth | Wednesday 29th Dec 2021 |

Meet Coach Christina!

“I love that I get to combine my education in human behavior with my training in evidenced-based training to help clients create long term and life altering change!” said coach Christina when asked why she loves coaching so much.

Christina has always been an active person, saying, “I began dancing at the age of 3 and competitively at 8 years old. I was dedicated to keeping up with the gruelling competitive dance schedules and learned very early on the importance of taking care of the body, inside and out.”

Christina was a cheerleader at Glendale Community College for two years and then was a member of the Hip Hop Dance Team at Arizona State University. Her sporting activities helped develop a love of strength training with Christina saying, “I remember loving throwing weights around in the gym so I could engage in bad-ass stunts that my team performed.”

While at Arizona State University, Christina immersed herself in a variety of studies, gaining many qualifications including a degree in Psychology along with a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Christina is a clinician specialising in body image, eating disorders, recovery from trauma and PTSD.

Having an abundance of knowledge in all areas of health, fitness and mindset, Christina uses this knowledge through her coaching to help clients recreate their relationships with their bodies and food. This is a subject Christina can relate having also struggled, she said “In high school I was muscular and made fun of, this caused a lot of emotional stress and so my journey has been about embracing and accepting my body.”

“Now I flourish in this body and love how strong I am both inside and out.”

Christina is so dedicated to helping others and sharing her knowledge that she wrote and published her incredible book ‘Don’t Hold Their Poop’   - a small book about cleaning up life’s messes. You can grab a copy of Christina’s book here.

When not coaching you will find Christina spending time with her husband Mark and two dogs Brooklyn and Harlem.

Asked why she loves coaching Christina said ” Coaching allows me to share my two loves, fitness and nutrition, while being a social servant and caregiver at the same time. I love guiding my clients to find their strength internally and externally, finding the best version of themselves.”

Christina describes her coaching style as “Constructively blunt with a side of sweet compassion”. Her clients love her expertise and the insane amount of knowledge Christina gives in order to help you achieve your goals.

For coaching opportunities with Christina, apply for coaching here.

Written by Matthew Ainsworth

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