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Meet Body Smart Coach Anna

Written by Matthew Ainsworth | Friday 7th Jan 2022 |

Meet coach Anna! @a.skinnerfitness is our Amercian living in the UK, which means she’s our official team translator!

Anna acts as the official Body Smart dictionary when we Brits confuse the American and Canadian team members!

Anna is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and has always been into sport. She played soccer for 12 years from a young age and at 18 she started working as a gym receptionist. She made it her mission to put herself through many qualifications to become a world-class coach.

Anna trained at The European Institute of Fitness to study training and nutrition. She has spent the last decade coaching a variety of clients with additional specialist certifications in nutrition, pre and postnatal coaching and special populations.

Anna is compassionate and relatable as a coach saying “I’ve been on all sides of the health and fitness journey. I like to help my clients discover answers and solutions themselves by guiding them in the right direction. I’ve also been on my own health journey too. After the birth of my daughter 7 years ago, I lost 60lbs.”

She added, “It is rewarding to share my own passion for health and fitness with others and help women find their confidence, and improve all aspects of their life!”

Anna loves leg day, Sushi and her cats. “We have 2 cats: one named Mumble and the other is The Baron VonWinkleHoffin III. But we shortened his name to Winkle, which was all fine until you have a baby and they start shouting “Winkle!” at the top of their lungs!” she said.

When not coaching, you’ll find Anna hanging out with her husband and daughter Poppy in her UK home in Kent.

For coaching opportunities with Anna or to chat to a coach about our life-changing 1:1 nutrition, fitness and mindset coaching, apply for coaching here.

Written by Matthew Ainsworth

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