Two SIMPLE Habit Hacks to Change Your Life

Written by Matthew Ainsworth | Tuesday 8th Feb 2022 |

Do you want to be healthier, wealthier and happier?

Follow these TWO simple LIFE-CHANGING habits that will change your future success.

Jaymie always says “Show me your habits, and I will show you your future…” So I took it upon myself to raid my dressing up box and get him in costume as a fortune teller for our latest YouTube video.

When it comes to your goals, if you are someone who has:

✔️ You have made the vision board
✔️ You have journaled
✔️ You have posted on social media sharing your ambitions

The above are all are great ways to envision achieving your goals and keeping yourself accountable. The harsh reality is that none of that truly matters if you do not have the SYSTEMS in place to take action.

A great quote from the book Atomic Habits by James Clear states, “You do not rise to the level of your goals, but fall to the level of your systems.”

In this video on our YouTube channel, we cover how you can start by getting the suitable systems in place and taking action to achieve the goals that you have set out in your head.

We walk through the incremental steps taken to form habits for life as those all-important small steps compound over time.

At Body Smart, we and our clients advocate for becoming 1% better each day, which over a year makes us 37 times better since when we started.

Forming new habits takes time, but to move forward and form them, you first need to accept that the work starts with you.

Whether you have good or bad habits, the future version of the person you want to become is largely dependent on the things you do in your regular, daily routine and what you take action on today.

So what are you waiting for?

Take action by clicking and watching our video above to find out more about how you can achieve your goals and form habits for life for the final time.

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Written by Matthew Ainsworth

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