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“I can lift the heavy stuff now – physically and mentally!” | Amy’s Story

Written by Matthew Ainsworth | Wednesday 19th Jan 2022 |

Meet Amy who was struggling with chronic knee pain which was impacting her outdoorsy family life in Sweden. Here, she chatted to us about life before Body Smart and how she’s become physically and mentally strong thanks to coaching.

What was life like mentally, physically and emotionally before coaching with Body Smart?
I was sleepwalking through life outside of work. I was game-on at work but lost when work ended. Physically I was at my heaviest and most unhappy with my body. Had high blood pressure.

What made you reach out for help? What happened that made you decide you needed to take action?
I had a hypertensive incident whilst getting an operation, and I realized I was going to have to get better or I would get worse and maybe die young.

What do you do as a profession, what struggles does that bring with it and how did you overcome them?
I’m a senior creative at a global corporate enterprise brand. The commute was literally killing me.

What attracted you to Body Smart Fitness coaching?
The no-BS approach. I liked the mindset connection to fitness that I’d never considered before. It has proved to be a game changer!

What results have you achieved so far? Mentally, physically, emotionally or other wins?
Mentally, I’m more self-aware now. I like habit-based actions that make goals less intimidating. Physically, I’m finding joy in movement again. I find both strength training and walking meditative.

What kind of things were you doing in the past to try and achieve these results?
I never did any strength training and mostly focused on cardio and did Weight Watchers.

What was different this time around? Why did this work for you?
I liked the accountability and ongoing support. Also, Body Smart prepares you for real life, real food and real situations. Weighing myself daily is also a great habit.

What was the coaching journey like for you in terms of mindset, nutrition and fitness support? How did you find it?
Christina is a gift. What an amazing person! I’ve learned so much and am grateful for all the tools she’s given me to get my shit together.

What advice would you give yourself looking back to before coaching, or to someone who is sitting on the fence themselves?
This is the real deal and not some BS fad or gimmick. This is not something you can do alone. Do it with them and you’re on a great path.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your coaching journey or results?
I had been thinking of weight loss surgery but did Body Smart instead and I made the right decision.

Coach Christina said, “Amy has been an absolute rockstar! Amy has been 100% committed to her weight loss journey and has found. more than just weight-loss along this adventure.

Amy joined BSF after she had gained weight during COVID and had NO IDEA what to do as she never struggled with weight loss before her in life. Amy was ready to learn how to replace the unhealthy behaviors that she struggled with. She wanted to, “eliminate that nagging voice in her head that said that she can’t and be confident again.”

Initially, Amy laser-focused on her food and learning how to keep her body satiated and energized. She learned the importance of tracking her food and filling her body with nutrient-dense foods. She also learned how to replace emotional eating patterns with health-focused behaviors such as walking, journaling, and working out! That confidence she desired started showing itself!

Amy began working out from home, mainly because of COVID restrictions but also to continue in her journey to build confidence, this time with her workouts. She was adamant about perfecting her form, sending her form videos to her Coach, weekly. Then, after listening to the BSF podcast she decided she would start lifting heavy. This is when the real change began!

Amy started pushing weights, she started seeing changes in her body, she started feeling even more confident. This is when she decided to challenge herself further with the gym.

Amy initially stayed in her comfort zone (meaning in a specific area of the gym) but continued to challenge herself with the weights she choose! She became stronger mentally and physically. She became so strong that she then graduated to the barbell area and most recently hit a PB of 50kg hack squat!

Amy’s life has not only transformed physically with the changes in her body but also mentally. Amy is now able to go on adventures with her family like kayaking trips, she has set boundaries both professionally and relationally that has made her life easier, and she was recently promoted to her dream team at work.

Amy has literally changed her life. It has been an honor to watch her evolve into the confident and strong woman that she has become!”

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Written by Matthew Ainsworth

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