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“I am a coach myself but I needed a coach to help me” – Melissa’s story

Written by Matthew Ainsworth | Thursday 13th Jan 2022 |

Meet Melissa, the mother of four, coach and school music teacher who is changing her life thanks to 1:1 coaching.

“My sister had a lot of success with Body Smart so I realised it was not my genetics after all and I could lose weight too.”

An Expert in Growth Mindset – “But I needed a coach!”

I did my masters thesis in growth mindset so I thought I was a bit of an expert. Being a coach myself I stalked Body Smart on Instagram for a year before I realised it was OK to admit I needed a coach to help me.”

Melissa was paired with coach Brooke @theBrookeDiaz who said, “Being a teacher, a mom of four, and a coach herself Melissa is a busy woman! But she doesn’t use that as an excuse. Her consistency is incredible and her commitment to her journey is inspiring. No matter the challenge she sees it as opportunity to learn!”

Melissa said, “Before Body Smart I had just given up. I had tried so many other methods and I was so frustrated with myself and oh the self-shaming!

“I hit 252 pounds. My highest weight not pregnant. I decided I needed to try one last thing and then if it didn’t work, I would give up. I was starving myself. There were days when I’d see how few calories I could eat. Then when the scale didn’t change, I would give in and swing the other way. I was constantly ashamed of myself.”

“My sister had amazing success with Body Smart, so I decided I would try it and hoped it would work.”

“I am a music teacher and I coach the color guard at our high school. Being a teacher and coach and a mom of 4. I felt like a hypocrite whenever I talked to my students and my own kids about healthy lifestyles and being comfortable with their bodies.”

Mom of Four Works 60-70 Hours a Week and STILL Gets Results – How?

“My commitments with work and family means I’m busy. During our busy seasons, I’m often at the school 60-70 hours a week. Brooke really helped me find ways to tweak my lifestyle to make it healthier.”

Coaching proved to be just what Melissa needed, saying “This time I decided to completely just let go and hand the reins over so I could start to figure it out. I decided to trust the process instead so that I could build the skills I need.

My sugar cravings have diminished and my palette is changing. I went a few days without chocolate and didn’t even notice it! My own growth mindset has really changed though. Things that I never thought possible are possible now.”

“Coaching was exactly what I needed. It’s a journey and a process, not a final destination. It can be so hard, but it is also so beautiful. My masters thesis was on growth mindset, and I felt like I was an expert, so I didn’t need a coach. As it turns out, a coach is exactly what I need. Brooke has helped me reframe and redirect in ways I never realized I could.”

When asked what advice Melissa would give herself looking back or anyone reading this considering 1:1 coaching with Body Smart, she said, ”
Jump in with both feet and just start. You’ll regret not starting yesterday; so don’t wait until tomorrow!”

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Written by Matthew Ainsworth

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