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Erin’s Inspirational Changes Now for Her Future Family

Written by Matthew Ainsworth | Thursday 30th Dec 2021 |

“I knew I needed lifelong change, not a quick fix fad,” said Erin.

“I was always stressed about wanting to lose weight, tired and lived with chronic low back pain. I am a nurse in a busy ICU. I would rationalize I could eat more because I work an active job, and in stress would just overeat snacks at the nurse’s station.”

“I followed @bodysmartfitness on Instagram but realised I couldn’t do it on my own and I had my wedding upcoming. I was a college athlete, I know that I tend to do well under the guidance of a coach. I liked how Jaymie presented info on Instagram, that it was individual (I work an abnormal schedule) and most importantly, that Body Smart focused on mindset.”

Erin was paired with coach Christina @fitmrshathaway who said,

“Erin joined Body Smart after years of trying to figure out what was her ideal nutrition and fitness level. As a college athlete, she did not have trouble with working out, her biggest concern was her body image and being “too bulky” as well as struggling with emotional eating especially surrounding her job as an ICU nurse.”

“She also had an upcoming wedding that she wanted to look her best for BUT this was not the ONLY reason she wanted to make this change.”

“Erin wanted to recreate her relationship with her body and food to end the cycle of body and food distortion that she experienced in her life. She wants to start a family and wanted to ensure that she would not pass on these distortions to her future family.”

“Erin has been such a joy to work with. Our partnership was spot on and shows just how the breakthrough team takes your personal needs and matches you with the best coach for your situation.”

“Erin has not only learned about the best nutrition schedule and plan that works for her unique work schedule, she has also learned how to eat out and socialize while still feeling confident in her choices.”

“She has been SO FUN to program training for! She is so strong and took on any and every challenge I sent her way.”

“Lastly, Erin used this process to share her inner battles with stress, food, and her body. We worked through these struggles to help her reframe and recreate these thinking patterns so that she felt more in control of thinking and feeling patterns.”

“I am so absolutely proud of Erin. She has made this commitment to herself and she has truly recreated herself into the woman and future mother that she desired to be. She looked absolutely stunning on her wedding and MORE IMPORTANTLY is continuing this journey beyond her wedding to complete the reverse diet, learn intuitive eating, and ultimately never need another fitness or nutrition coach again.”

Erin added, “Mentally, I am in such a different place than I have been before, Christina has been not only a coach but a therapist in helping me work through why I do what I do around food. Physically, my back pain is gone, and emotionally, I feel great in my skin, and look forward to learning more as I go.”

“The mindset component is easily the biggest difference. Realizing you reverse diet at the end and don’t stay at your same calorie count for the rest of life was a total game-changer too.”

“I love it. I love the accountability, I love having someone you can reach out to and really dig through what is wrong and making you want to just eat out of control. I never thought I’d say it, but I Love Lifting 🙂 I was always someone that thought lifting would make me bulky, it didn’t.”

“The amount of money I’ve spent out at bars, restaurants, and on take out probably easily adds up to putting the money towards this… and finally being happy and learning how to enjoy life and have the body I want was well worth the investment, so if you’re reading this and thinking about it, just do it.”

“I couldn’t be more thankful for having Christina as my coach, she’s been everything I needed and more.”

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Written by Matthew Ainsworth

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