"I gained confidence in myself that I've never felt before, not just physically but mentally."

Sabrina | HR | 20s

Sabrina's story

“I lost 70 pounds! But mostly, I gained confidence in myself that I’ve never felt before, not just physically but mentally.” said Sabrina when reflecting back on her Body Smart coaching experience.

Sabrina works in HR and sits at her desk for long periods of time. Before starting with Body Smart, she had been on her diet journey alone and tried all kinds of fads, spent a lot of money on skinny teas and gym memberships.

“I was at a point where I had already lost a lot of weight by myself, but I wasn’t eating enough and I was starting to feel physically weak. I also had no clue what I was doing or how to continue,” said Sabrina.

Sabrina came across us on Instagram and said; “It was the only page I had ever come across that was very blunt about the one fact about weight loss: it’s all about calorie deficit. That honesty was refreshing.”

She was paired with coach Shaina who said; “Sabrina wanted to learn more about nutrition and build healthy habits that would allow her to continue seeing progress but also maintain her results! We increased her calories and worked on bumping up her activity levels. We have surpassed her original goal and she’s currently reverse dieting to maintenance! She’s found freedom from food guilt and the number on the scale no longer controls her mindset!”

Sabrina’s favourite part of coaching was finding the truth she needed to succeed “I’ve learned a lot about the science and nutrition aspect of weight loss. Having knowledge is power and it helps filter out all the lies that we are fed daily.”

When asked what advice she’d have for others considering coaching she said; “With Body Smart, I would say I’ve never seen a program so personally involved in each one of the members, and that genuinely wants you to achieve the best results. Do it because they genuinely have your best interest in mind and they’re the fastest way to get there.”

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