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Are you ready to level up your life, feel empowered, gain self-confidence and look great through sustainable lifestyle changes involving exercise, nutrition and mindset??

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  • Willing to schedule a 45-60 min call.
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  • Willing to invest in your health and fitness.
  • Ready to take action on the call.
  • Be 25+

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    Our powerful coaching programme will help you learn everything you need to know to make lasting changes to your relationship with food, fitness and your mindset. We work closely with you on a personalised 1:1 basis. Knowing this, are you ready to financially commit to finally getting the health results, achieving food freedom and ultimately, feeling happier?

    • At the end of your free consultation call, if we think you’re ready and a good fit we will offer you a place on our 1:1 coaching programme at Body Smart Fitness.

    • Before you schedule your call --> We're sure you hate having your time wasted just as much as we do. We block off our time to serve you when you schedule a call, and subsequently other people who greatly need our support are unable to book at that time.

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