"I feel in total control of myself - my diet, workouts and my mind. I feel physically and mentally stronger."

Petra | 30s

Petra's story

Petra feels in total control of her life! Could you get results and that sense of control of your life?

Petra said “I feel in total control of myself – my diet, workouts and my mind. I feel physically and mentally stronger. I feel like I have grown as a person, I know what I want and work hard for it, no excuses.”

Petra joined us feeling like she’d tried so many diets but they all made her so hangry and miserable. None of her previous approaches were sustainable.

“Body Smart has a totally different approach to food and the focus on calorie deficit did make a huge difference!”

“It was amazing I have learned so much not just about my body but myself as well. Loved every minute of it and would recommend to everyone who struggles with weight loss.”

“Jaymie and the Body Smart Fitness team were completely transformational for me. I followed them on Instagram and Facebook for many months, loved their content & approach to weight-loss. I have always been an active person however got sidetracked with many low-carb and fad diets. I really needed support, accountability and structure which is exactly what I received with coaching! ”

“With Body Smart, the whole experience was amazing, I couldn’t believe that by making small changes in my daily habits and being 1% better every day, my life would change so much. I have finally managed to shift my food mindset and now I enjoy any food without guilt. They helped me realise that there is no “good” or “bad” food, any food is great in moderation, but more than that they taught me new behaviours, key to adhering to goals, new ways of thinking about the health journey, and tools to deal with life stressors.”

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciated their support, guys going above and beyond to help me and really it was the daily accountability and the daily messages back-and-forth with coaches that was the game-changer.”

“I’m so grateful to this amazing team, their dedication they put into each client, effort, work and of course RESULTS! It’s the best program and I would recommend it to anybody! ”

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