"Finally, I feel confident and don't stress over food anymore." 


Nicole's story

Before joining Body Smart, Nicole said: “I felt defeated. I had tried so many times to lose weight. Physically I wasn’t happy with the way I looked. I was a cardio queen and hardly ever lifted weights.”

As a teacher, which can sometimes be stressful and demanding, Nicole highlighted: “I always handled my stress with eating.” 

Nicole decided to finally put a stop to these habits and make the necessary changes on New Year’s Day when she stood on the scales. She said: “When I stepped on the scales, I couldn’t believe the number that I saw.”

She was paired with Coach Natasha, who said:  “The knowledge and skills Nicole has gained have helped her to fully enjoy, rather than dread, social situations. She is confidently embracing newfound freedom when it comes to food.

Nicole added: “The coaches at Body Smart were extremely supportive. They helped me increase my strength training, understand macros, and navigate through those social situations.

“I enjoy working out and I feel great afterwards. I have less stress over going out to restaurants and social situations. I feel happier and more confident.”

“I’ve been through weight watchers and even hired a nutritionist coach, which cost a ton of money, but none of these has taught me as much as Body Smart.”

When asked what her advice would be to those considering coaching, Nicole said: “Body Smart is easy to follow and the best thing I have ever done for myself.” 

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