"Body Smart saved my life! This has been the best decision ever and I would always recommend it."

Millie | STUDENT & VOLUNTEER | 40s

Millie's story

“Body Smart and my coach Stacey – you have saved my life!”

“I was completely sedentary, wasn’t able to keep up with my kids, was always tired, had no confidence, avoided people and had more or less given up that I could be healthy. I’d tried Slimming World, medication for weight loss, Weight Watchers and fasting. Nothing worked.” said Millie.

“I came across an advert for Body Smart and thought this was my last chance at trying something new. I didn’t even know if I’d be suitable for coaching.”

With the caring and empathetic coaching of Stacey, Mille has taken small consistent steps to create a big picture of health and wellness.

Coach Stacey said; “Millie has been an inspiration to coach. We are over 50kg down and we are not done yet. Every day for over 2 years she has showed up and done the work and she should be so DAMN PROUD of the changes inside and out that she has made.”

“We have worked on all the practicalities of increasing her activity, finding workouts she loves (turns out lifting heavy makes her feel awesome!), knowing the foods that work for her, identifying situations that trigger emotional eating and lots and lots of mindset work to get her to a place where she knows she deserves to live a happy and healthy life. We have worked hard on her vision and getting clear on the life she wants for herself AND her two kids.”

“We are not done yet, and this coaching relationship is one of the most rewarding I have ever experienced as Millie is soooo determined. No matter what obstacles she faces, we jump back up together and forge a new path forwards!”

Mille said; “I regret not knowing about Body Smart before. I would have started way earlier. There is nothing to lose (just kgs) when starting with Body Smart. This has been the best decision ever and I would always recommend it.”

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