"Body Smart has given me skills for life. I love that I can now prioritise me."


Megan's story

“I have lost over 12kg. I feel confident I can achieve and maintain my goals. Body Smart will always be a pivotal moment in my life.”

Megan reached a point where she no longer enjoyed exercise, “I needed the motivation and accountability.”

Working long hours as a nurse, Megan said, “Fatigue had a huge impact on my ability to plan nutrient-dense meals.”

Asked what life was like before Body Smart, Megan responded, “For the first time in my life, I was unhappy with how I looked at myself in the mirror.”

“I knew I wasn’t at my strongest self, physically and nutritionally, which made me reach out to Body Smart”.

Coach @james_bodysmart worked with Megan to focus on building sustainable habits for life.

James said, “Megan has been an absolute pleasure to coach.”

“As an NHS nurse working back-to-back night shifts she always puts people’s health ahead of hers and is a superstar. She’s reclaimed her health and happiness, now living her best life and enjoying her new confidence!”

Megan said, “Coach James was really supportive and non-judgemental. The content and education available on the Body Smart learning platform were fantastic.”

“James helped me focus on changing my mindset and routine around food.”

“I love that it’s not a ‘diet’, instead, you’re working towards a lifestyle! It promotes and teaches the foundational habits that are the essence to wellbeing, physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Asked about her advice to those thinking of coaching, “Just do it! You will have skills for life, that nobody can take from you.”

“I love that I can now prioritise me.”

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