"I feel stronger in mind, body and soul, than ever. Wish I'd done it sooner."

Malin | Teacher | 30s

Malin's story

“Before interacting with coach Terry, I’d reached the lowest of the lowest in my life. Life had drained me and I felt completely and utterly empty, in all aspects,” said Malin.

“I’m a preschool teacher and a mum with absolutely no time to even think. I knew I needed help and loved the evidence-based, whole package coaching that Terry offered. It’s not just food, it’s so much more.”

“I’ve managed to reach my goal weight, and I’m into reverse dieting. I’ve put some of my medications on the shelf, and I feel stronger in mind, body and soul than ever.”

Coach Terry said, “Malin came to me as a nervous, quiet/shy, teacher/mother that in the middle of the pandemic decided to start to work on herself.”

“Not wanting to go on a video call at first – I was worried she might struggle to take on everything that was going to be needed in her journey. That paired with her having multiple and severe allergies, getting Covid along the way, and generally working a lot and running the family, it was not looking like things were in her favour… but how wrong could I be!!”

“Malin followed the process and daily habits amazingly, losing over 60lbs. She’s gone from being shy to being the life and soul of my client WhatsApp group. Malin is now working on getting “Strong AF” and has the confidence to go on camera, take pictures and videos regularly and now works out in the gym where she’s quickly becoming the Gym Badass!”

“She is the perfect example of making time where there isn’t much, showing up, getting shit done and as a result, transforming herself!”

“I’m so proud of everything Malin’s achieved and can honestly say I think Malin has the determination and effort to chase any dream she ever wants in life.”

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