"I cannot believe I found food freedom after struggling with overeating since I was 8."

Hajra | Podcaster | 30s

Hajra's story

Hajra came to us at Body Smart having battled her obsession with food since she was only 8 years old.⁣

Harja’s yo-yo life had left her depressed and obsessive about what she should and shouldn’t be eating. She reached a crisis point in her own mind where she overhauled her lifestyle and decided that she would not resort to extreme diets. She lost 10kg over the course of a year by doing her own research and keeping herself accountable but when her motivation started to wane, she knew she needed expert help.⁣

“Motivation and knowledge gaps hindered me. That’s when I found Body Smart! When I spoke to Jim, everything he said aligned with my intentions and goals. Body Smart is all about gaining that knowledge and forming lifelong lessons that would not only help me reach my goals but maintain them! I joined Body Smart only a few months ago and I am amazed at my own progress.”⁣

It isn’t all about the weight loss (Harja has lost just under 11kgs/24lbs) Harja is shocked and surprised at how much she now loves and craves exercise – even if that is a simple walk in the outdoors.⁣

“I went from being lazy to walk every day to craving those walks and fresh air. I now miss my workouts if I skip them and really value the feeling I get once completing a workout.”⁣

Harja has been brilliant to coach. She was already very knowledgeable but needed help switching her mindset, believing in herself and learning to incorporate all the foods she loves.⁣

She said; “I love living a balanced life where I am not obsessive about what I eat but I am knowledgeable and accountable. For me, that knowledge is the power that fuels this journey. Stacey and the team provide not just personalized coaching, but also a priceless mindset.”⁣

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