"This isn't weight loss, it's breaking free from restrictive eating!"


Bex's story

“This isn’t weight loss, it’s breaking free from eating in a way that was restrictive, miserable and mentally damaging.” said Bex who is so happy to have conquered her lifelong poor relationship with food.

Bex is a very busy manager in a global corporate company working long and intense hours.

She said, “I had followed Body Smart on Instagram for a long time and found the information straight to the point, easy to understand and from a place of empathy. Having an individual coach was the deal-breaker.”

That coach was Gav @Gav.Weir who said, “Bex knew with a demanding job and a lifetime of restrictive diets, she needed help.”

Bex said, “I was sceptical at first. I’m pretty knowledgeable in health and fitness with my background in biology.”

“The key was having coach @Gav.Weir help me apply this knowledge, understand why I behaved in certain ways and having individual strategies that worked for me to build healthy habits for life.”

“Understanding flexibility and how to “budget” my calories so I could eat all my favourite foods was great. When you lose weight eating ice cream and chocolate every day the process becomes a lot easier!!”

Gav added, “Bex has changed the way she looks at fat loss and nutrition to make a sustainable lifelong switch. She’s put in an amazing amount of effort and I am one proud coach!”

Bex told us, “I’ve lost over 20lbs and have the strongest, leanest physique in years (hello abs!). More importantly, I have a much healthier relationship with food and the diet mentality.”

“The return of investment is completely worth it, you’ll only wish you’d done it sooner! Stop the quick fixes, invest in a personalised lifelong plan to never have to diet again.”

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