Lost over 100lbs to qualify for fertility treatment and got pregnant naturally!

Anna | Manager | 30s

Anna's story

Anna came to me on 31st December  – wanting to get ahead a day early before the new year’s resolutions kicked in.⁣

Anna suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome and initially came to us to lose weight after her doctor advised she needed to lose some weight to be considered for fertility treatment.

Anna had tried every diet under the sun and many of them involved severely restricting food. This just wasn’t the answer and after every diet, Anna put on more weight.

Once she found Body Smart we began the process of educating Anna that food didn’t need to be restricted. She got used to tracking calories and macros and started learning how to lift weights in the gym.⁣

While the going was tough at the start, within four weeks Anna was well into the swing of things and the weight just fell off her.⁣

A whole year later, Anna lost a staggering 96lbs of fat and a total of 49 inches.

But this isn’t where her story ends…. oh no!⁣

Anna went on to fall pregnant naturally and has since had two healthy babies.

Anna said: “I felt like a completely different person once I started with Body Smart. I feel like I am really enjoying life and feeling really confident. I couldn’t imagine I’d ever got to that shape in such a short space of time!”⁣

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