"I'm over 37 lbs down, out of the calorie deficit, and reverse dieted to maintenance and lifetime results!"

Anna P. | Mum | 30s

Anna P.'s story

Congratulations to Anna – our 4th Birthday prize winner!

Not only did Anna win a BUMPER box of prizes including smart watch, Lululemon gym gear and supplements but she won herself a place on our 1:1 tailored mindset, nutrition and fitness program.

Anna won a chance to change her life when she was paired with coach Kelly.

Anna said; “I am a stay at home mom. It was my “reward” to eat big portions of junk food. I was excluding specific foods. I was beating myself up if I didn’t follow strict rules for a day. I was all or nothing which didn’t last for long as I got tired really quickly.”

Coach Kelly got working with Anna to help her see the bigger picture and undo some bad habits and uncover triggers.

Kelly said; “Anna is a super mum, and a very deserved winner, it couldn’t have gone to a nicer person! Coaching Anna was amazing, as she was so willing to learn and grow, absorbing all the knowledge and putting it into practice using strategies that work for her and her life. I am so happy for her, finding food freedom, without giving up any of the foods she loved to eat.”

Anna is delighted with her results and said; “I am graduating leaner, fitter and stronger, with habits to last a lifetime! I’m over 37 lbs down, out of the calorie deficit, and reverse dieted to maintenance and lifetime results! I don’t have food rules and I overcame them by realising that the reward lies on being able to play with my daughter without losing my breath. I see nutrition and fitness as self-care and not as something I have to do.”

When asked what advice she would give others considering coaching, Anna said; “Kelly made sure to make me feel special and gave my confidence I didn’t know I had. For those considering coaching, just start. Only with actions and with being realistic you can achieve what you want. You have to be willing to do the work and you will realise that it is not as hard as you thought it would be.”

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