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I work unsociable hours in social care and have always found it hard to maintain the work/social/fitness balance. A chronic yo-yo dieter! I was seriously unhappy with my weight and figure, how my clothes were fitting and generally how I felt about myself all together. I decided I needed to do something about it as I was getting married and nearly hitting 30. I did some online research, and via Instagram Body Smart wassomething that I kept finding myself scrolling back through, reading other people’s testimonials and looking at before and after pics. So I sent a message and got a response straight away. The last 3 months I’ve super toned muscles I never knew I had! I learnt how to manage previous injuries and dropped 24lbs, which brings me to my main accomplishment; I DONT CARE WHAT THE SCALES SAY! Working with Body Smart has taught me so much about my own body and how our weight naturally fluctuates so I will never let the scales dictate my mood again!

Anna wanted to lose weight to be healthy and ready to get pregnant and be a Mum. As Anna has PCOS, she has always struggled to lose weight. She tried every diet under the sun and believed that restricting food was the answer. (hint: it wasn’t) Anna lost an incredible 96lbs in 365 days. I just feel like a completely different person. I’m was really enjoying life and feeling really confident. My mindset has totally changed when it comes to food. I can have a takeaway on a saturday night and not put on half a stone and still stay on track.”

“I still didn’t know how to get control over my eating. I was ashamed of my body and how I looked, I wanted to hide myself from my friends and family because I was embarrassed that I was gaining weight again and felt gross. I had a deeper issue with food, and there was no amount of exercise that was going to solve my problem. I’d tried personal trainer after personal trainer and none of them were ever hearing me and my actual struggles. A big mental shift that has happened for me over the past 12 weeks is a new-found freedom in the way I think about food. I am working and every gram of carbs, protein, and fat that goes into my body has been weighed, measured and recorded. So I eat and enjoy the good food and the even better food with confidence now. It feels pretty damn good. I’m beyond excited. I walk taller, and I feel so strong. Every part of my body, every muscle has gained strength from the beginning until now.”

“Body Smart plan has given me the all the support & guidance I could need. I’ve lost 27lbs in weight, built lean muscle and completely changed my body shape. I am wearing all my old clothes and feel fantastic. The best thing has been watching my friends and family’s reaction when they see what I eat. I’ve eaten all the things I like, been on holiday and even enjoyed nights out too. Thanks for all your help and support!”

“I can honestly say I’ve never felt so amazing than I did on my wedding day and honeymoon! After the weight creeping up on me slowly over a number of years, I tried various ways to try and lose the weight on my own but found myself plateauing, and so I came to Body Smart for help to get me back in shape. Thanks to the nutritional support and workout programmes, I immediately started seeing results and very quickly became hooked on how good the regular training and eating well was making me feel. That said, I was still able to enjoy meals and drinks out which is a big part of my social life. After losing 3 stone and getting down to 16.5% body fat I had the confidence to wear the wedding dress I had always dreamed of and I can’t thank Body Smart enough!

“My husband loved me for me, no matter what I might have looked like. We had only been married a matter of weeks but he could see on the inside I was not happy. I was losing confidence. I hated looking in mirrors and I had to do something different.”

The difference was us. Meagan noticed the difference in our approach straight away when she was offered a call. We talked through her struggles and what success looked like for her. We gave her some solid and sound advice and pointers (as we do with everyone we speak with – regardless of whether we are the right fit for them). Meagan began her coaching journey and could not believe the difference to other programmes she’d been a part of.

Meagan enjoyed the mindset work and shifted her identity to become more motivated and focused on good habits. She’s lost 33lbs/15kg in five months and feels incredible. Everyone has been commenting on how different she looks and she is happy she “can see what her husband could always see”. With more energy and a better relationship with food, Meagan is looking forward to maintaining her results while continuing to enjoy eating pizza, ice cream, chips and all her other favourite foods.

“Before Body Smart life was a rollercoaster ride. My weight and energy were always up and down.

I would falsely believe that eating less would mean me losing weight. I tried all sorts and even did the skinny coffee thing. It left me with no energy or motivation to do anything.

I wish I had found you guys sooner! Body Smart’s approach is different. You never judge, always support. I have made friends with some amazing people in the group and had my eyes opened. I liked the fact that Body Smart was available at any time through the app and there is always support from my coach and the community.

My mindset has definitely shifted. I am more positive even if fail I know I can still achieve my goals. Even baby steps will get me there!”

“Lots of people around me have been blown away by the difference and they’re really shocked when I tell them that I’ve only lost 26lbs and not more, as they think I’ve changed so much. Today, I’m weighing almost two stone more than I was on my wedding day, yet I’m actually slimmer and look a lot better.”

I joined Body Smart willing to give it a go and up to now I’ve lost 3st 7lb. With a lot of help from the guys working with my food & training, I have managed to keep the weight off. I feel so much better in myself & the way I look. I now find exercising fun not a chore. I always used to find an excuse but after starting with Body Smart & seeing how easy it was to still have the food I love & also see the weight fall of it’s so reassuring”

“Over the last 12 weeks the Body Smart plan has given me the best support ever. I’ve lost 22lbs in weight, built lean muscle and completely changed my body shape. I am wearing all my old clothes and feel fantastic. The best thing has been watching my friends and family’s reaction when they see what I eat. I’ve eaten all the things I like, and even enjoyed nights out too. Thanks for all your help and support!”

“I lost 7 inches of my stomach and 16lb. I was shocked at how quickly I saw results when comparing my photos, even after the first 4 weeks. I was never too worried about my weight, I was more concerned about my size. I stuck to my plan and after my 4 week weigh in I tried in my new jeans, I could nearly do them up, it was working  After 8 weeks other people starting commenting on my shape which spurred me on. I tried on my new jeans, I could do them up but we’re still a little tight. But I then realised that they were a size smaller than what I thought. I had not been a size 8 since before children.  After my 12 weeks I am nearly at where I want to be, I have changed my shape and managed to fit into clothes from before having children which I never thought would ever happen But I managed it all by making simple changes, working out times a week at home and I was still able to go out, go to a festival and go on holiday. Jaymie was also available every step of the way to help me and educate me with my diet and didn’t ever tell me off for living which meant I didn’t quit”

“The old me used to starve myself eating 1200 calories a day and spending an hour on the treadmill in the gym and not losing any weight. Feeling frustrated by this I contacted Jaymie at body Smart for help. As the diet is flexible it doesn’t feel like i am dieting as I can still eat all the foods I enjoy and lose weight. Jaymie has not only taught me how many calories I need but the proper amount of protein, carbs, and fats as well. Body Smart Has also introduced me to weight training as an alternative to cardio. Burning more calories in shorter sessions as oppose to hours of cardio with no results. Weight training has made great changes in my body composition”.

“Thanks to Body Smart Fitness they got my love of fitness back on track! I can’t thank them enough! All I wanted was to feel healthy again. this might not be a big transformation but it has mentally given me everything I need to get my motivation back! So thank you! And it’s been so convenient to have them on an app, to speak to my trainer when ever I want on chat and to have them give me a nutrition plan, they have so much help on their Facebook group and site to give you tips and tricks of food and fitness! I couldn’t recommend them more for people on the go! Thanks guys!!

“I am a nurse working 12 hour overnight shifts. Before Body Smart, I was sluggish and unmotivated to take care of myself. I had little confidence and none of my clothes fitted.

I’d seen Body Smart online and noticed several review testimonials. The before and after pictures spoke volumes.

I sent them a message and arranged a phone call with Jim to talk about what I wanted to achieve. I was bloated all the time and this was knocking my confidence. I was struggling with energy and time management.

With the help of Jaymie, I prepped ahead of time and he really focused on developing a better sleep routine. I have much more confidence and enjoy buying summer clothes again. I’m way more knowledgeable about foods and aware of what I’m putting in my body. I feel way more energized and in control.”

“If you give me something I will give it 100%!” said Jen and boy did she!

Jen followed her coach’s advice, even adapting exercise programmes around an injury. She didn’t give up. She gave it her all.

The result? Jen lost 10lbs and gained muscle. She went on her well-earned holiday and felt confident and happy in her bikini on the beach. Check out how happy she looks in the holiday hotel selfie!

“I just feel so much better and so much more confident. I smile on the inside and out now. I am so grateful for my body and all it does.”