Our clients come to us with a purpose and aim. With our #BSF Coaching we help them achieve their goal. From problem to solution, we keep it simple and straightforward. No fads, we focus on the fundamentals. We educate and motivate our clients to success through bespoke personal online coaching.

We are NOT a one size fits all programme. We speak to every one of our clients to understand your needs, If we can help and are right for you. If you have desire to want to achieve your goals, lets put a strategy in place to make it happen! in the coming weeks you will look fantastic, feel awesome and be in control of your diet, exercise and mindset.

#BSF Coaching

The ultimate in online personalised coaching - 12 Week + transformation coaching to take control of your diet, learn what you need to make a sustainable change for life. Develop the right mindset and build a winning strategy for ultimate success!


There are a lot of training plans and diets out there on the internet that you can download but they aren’t necessarily tailored to you, or your lifestyle. Therefore you might not get the best results and might struggle to stick with it. There is also a minefield of information out there about different training plans, diets to follow, foods to have, foods to avoid... but not all of this will be accurate, reliable or suitable for you. As trained professionals we are qualified to give you reliable and specific advice, but we also help you put this in to practice as this will be essential to your success.

We have developed an in-depth personal system which allows us to get to know you so that we can support you the best way possible to get you your killer body. 

We ask you to fill out a questionnaire and your assigned Body Smart Transformation Coach will use this information to build you your individual programme. You will then be ready to get going and start seeing results! If you are unsure of any part of the plan, your coach will be there to answer any of your questions and guide you to your success. 



We understand that "dieting" can be difficult and we also know that it takes the right balance to sculpt your body and unleash your abs. We will guide and support you to understand how to balance your diet leaving behind the demoralising cycles of "fad dieting".

You will be eating your favourite foods and feeling confident to incorporate them into your lifestyle. NO guilt, No cravings, just a smart way to eat for life.


Whether you have access to a gym or 4 foot of space in your front room, your training plan will be developed around your goal, your lifestyle, the environment, the equipment you have to work with and very importantly made to be enjoyed (this is very important for motivation and progress).

Your training plan may consist of a mixture of low intensity cardio, weights and HIIT training again all revolving around that specific goal of yours and the areas you feel you need working on the most.

This is not a generalised plan this is built individually for you and you alone.

"Over the last 12 weeks Body Smart Fitness have been the best support ever. I’ve lost 22lbs in weight, built lean muscle and completely changed my body shape!" - Steph
"After years of enjoying the gym and general fitness I decided I needed the guidance and motivation of a personal trainer, to help me reach my goals. It's not been about wanting to just lose weight, it's been about wanting to understand food and nutrition, become stronger and have clearer definition" - Rebekah

Accountability is a huge element of what we do at Body Smart Fitness and why are clients are so successful.

Our innovative online system allows you to submit weekly check-ins directly with your assigned transformation coach who can support you to fantastic shape. 

Do not underestimate the power of this!

Having a weekly appointment to log in and track what you have been doing will keep you accountable and on the right track. This allows us to monitor your progress, give you personal feedback and assess whether we need to make changes to your training or tailored macronutrients.

In your personalised members dashboard you are able to track your progress week on week keeping you very much focused on your aim.


Jaymie Jim

When you sign up you will be assigned a qualified transformation coach who will be either Jim or Jaymie. 

Between them they have over 15 years experience working with people just like yourselves and like you they are real people trying to juggle busy lifestyles and they understand life's little twists. 

Jim and Jaymie understand the anxiousness of delving into a new fitness and nutrition plan but also the satisfaction and sense of achievement you get when you get results.

They have the same desires and temptations in diet that can make you come unstuck and so they’ll be behind you, supporting you, educating you and motivating you every step of the way to help you achieve your goal.


Your support network spans further than your personal coach.

You have an exclusive social community of like minded people to ask questions, dig for inspiration, bounce snack and meal ideas off, talk about trends and also help others on their journey.

In your social network we have live Q and As so you have answers and not left with more questions.