"I have re-discovered myself physically, mentally and emotionally."

Shruty | Learning & Development Manager | 20s

Shruty's story

Shruti said, “I kept looking at the transformations on Body Smart’s Instagram page and wondered if I would ever have a story to tell.”

YES YOU DO Shruti! And this is her story…

She was paired with coach Alex, @health.coach.al who said, “Shruti is the epitome of the “Cut the BS” attitude.”

“From the moment we started working together, she took whatever action was necessary to reach her goals. When she wasn’t in a calorie deficit, she immediately took a look at tracking and improved. When she felt she wasn’t putting in enough effort, she reached out for extra accountability and then took it upon herself to motivate the group in case anyone else was also struggling.

Shruti has now lost 12kg, reduced the mind monkeys in her head, eliminated the knee pain she was experiencing and started to believe that she is powerful and unstoppable. And she is right.”

“Coaching was so different from anything I had tried in the past. First, I had someone to talk and understand my struggles, my challenges, my limitations and my body. I had a coach for the first time in my life who was willing to work with me, understand me, listen to me and provide me solutions that would work just for me.”

“Second, I had a community of women across the world who had similar challenges; we celebrated our successes and lifted each other on not so good days.”

“Third, we worked on a plan that would fit my lifestyle. We incorporated activities that my body would enjoy and there were no diet plans, but nutrition education so I ate what I wanted. It has been a development journey and not a weight loss program for me. I have re-discovered myself, physically, mentally and emotionally.”
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