Incredible results after only 24 weeks of coaching!

Nic | senior manager | 20s

Nic's story

Nic originally started with Body Smart to get fit for a holiday that was three months away. She felt sluggish and lived off takeaways. While she did visit the gym at times, it was always a half-hearted effort on the treadmill or cross-trainer.

Nic was sick of not feeling great in her clothes. She loves her fashion and had a wardrobe full of items that represented her personality, but she couldn’t wear them anymore. She knew she wanted to change and she was ready to take action.

Nic is one of the most driven and motivated people we’ve ever coached. She knew the take out food she was eating on a regular basis was doing her no favours and immediately embraced our education on flexible dieting. She soon learned how to balance protein, fats and carbs without compromising her lifestyle. She still enjoyed nights out with the girls and allowed herself the relaxation and reward of that initial beach holiday.

Nic was hooked after her first three months so continued her training. These pics are her 24-week results and as you can see they really are incredible.

After the initial 12 weeks, Nic continued to work on her strength, adopting heavy compound exercises with progressive overload and a bit of HIIT thrown in. She celebrated losses most weeks – weight and inches.

As amazing as the physical changes are, the shift in Nic’s relationship towards food was her biggest achievement. She learned how to truly eat for the rest of her life and maintain her hard work and her figure.

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