"I love that I can eat whatever I want! Carbs are NOT bad, and you CAN have ice cream!"

Kelly | busy professional | 20s

Kelly's story

“I love that I can eat whatever I want! Carbs are NOT bad, and you CAN have ice cream!” said Kelly when we asked her about how she felt after four months of 1:1 personalised coaching with Body Smart.

Kelly came to us feeling unorganised and in need of desperate help.

“I had no idea how to feel healthy, stick to a workout plan, or lose weight. I really didn’t like looking in the mirror or getting dressed,” said Kelly.

She also thought that coaching would mean she would have to stop eating certain foods, like white rice which she LOVES and train super hard from the jump to see results.

Kelly learned to drop a damaging idea that exercise is ‘punishment’ – something we see so much with our clients when they start with us.

“I now realize it’s about the moment and doing your best that day and building for the long term. No punishment exercising or dieting ever!” exclaimed Kelly.

Kelly hoped to lose weight or feel better about herself, but she gained so much more.

“I am super confident knowing exactly what I need to do to either lose weight, eat right, and even manage stress. Overall I feel in control of my body and health. On days when I may not follow all my plans, I still don’t feel bad because I know exactly what to do to feel better.”

Kelly has also improved so many of her stomach problems, seen her body change in ways she didn’t think was possible, and she feels like she can achieve any goal.

She loved the support of her coaches; “I liked having someone to bounce questions to, watch my form, and vent about things I was struggling with.”

Kelly also loved the Body Smart app to track everything in one convenient place and made good use of the Learning Zone resources, especially on nutrition, to enhance her lifelong learning.

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