"I feel like the Terminator!"

Karen | Manufacturing | 50s

Karen's story

“I feel like the Terminator!” said superstar Karen who has lost over 30lbs but gained her life back.

“I hated my life.” said Karen. “I hated myself and my angry outbursts with the people I love.”

Karen had tried quick fix after quick fix to get results and nothing had stuck.

“I gave myself hormone shots from a local fat loss doc, I took pills, tried hormone lotion and although I lost weight, I gained it back. I bombed every time. I was worried about the middle-aged spread and obesity.”

Karen said herself “I didn’t know shit. Didn’t even know macros was a word or what they were. I reached out and although coaching wasn’t easy, in time I trusted the process and couldn’t believe the results. I’m like a new person, like a hot new romance! I can wear clothes with tags in my closet thinking I will fit in them some day. Some day is here now!”

Karen was coached by Kelly who said, “Karen is amazing, we have the best relationship. It wasn’t always easy and we had our ups and downs, but I had total faith in her and knew we could gradually undo those old-set habits and create new healthier habits that would weave almost seamlessly into her life. She truly deserves the best and I am so happy and proud that she has graduated having lost over 30lbs that I know she will keep off for good!”

“I make the path now. I feel like the Terminator on the elliptical and I actually eat veggies. I can look in the mirror and be happy with progress and know I will never go back to the lump I was! I have realised I can effing do anything I want! I can still eat my favorite foods and I will live longer to be here for my kid.” said Karen.

Karen added, “Don’t wait another freakin day. Invest in your future. Body Smart works!”


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