"After cancer, I feel like the old me. I have finally found myself."

D | Retired | 50s

D's story

Meet the incredible D who, at 58, feels like she has “Finally found herself”.

“I had cancer 8 years ago and had treatment and follow-ups for 5 years. Side effects of chemo were tiredness, weight gain and sore joints along with the emotional energy I spent thinking about how to ensure I survived”.

“Getting past the 5 years meant I started to believe I was going to survive. I had got myself in a rut. I felt exhausted and had lost my confidence”.

D liked our content on social media and our #CutTheBS no bullsh*t approach.

D was coached by Kelly Bamber and said “Kelly gauged it so right with me. She is very skilled as a coach. I am quite a reflective person and she has responded to that and nudged me to keep me putting my reflections into actions”.

Kelly also helped D continue her goals while travelling in a van touring Europe for 12 weeks. “She created specific plans for me to follow meaning I could enjoy my travels and still lose weight”.

Kelly said, “Walking this path alongside D, to help her find herself again post-cancer has been a real privilege. Seeing her living her absolute best life travelling in her campervan whilst losing weight and getting fitter and stronger, has been awesome. I am overjoyed that D has re-found herself and her zest for life”.

“I have lost 38lbs in weight and 37.5 inches all over. I can now run 8 miles – I would never have believed I would get back to running or lift weights. I know I can do anything if I decide to and have the tools to help, which can be transferred to other parts of my life. I feel like my old self.

When asked what she would say to others thinking of coaching, D said, “Do it! It has been a great investment in me. I wouldn’t think twice about investing in my children”.

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