This journey has been life-changing in a positive way and helping me achieve so many other things in other aspects


Caryn's story

Caryn owns a busy dental practice and works demanding hours, which meant it was hard for her to get workouts in due to her busy schedule.

Caryn said, “I had been dieting since I was ten years old. Since then, I have had body image issues, never liking the way I looked in the mirror and always wanting to be smaller”.

She felt she needed someone to keep her accountable after trying to achieve results by exhausting herself over-exercising and overeating on calories without realising.

”I was unable to eat with my family, I would not allow myself to participate in family mealtime. I was constantly hard on myself over what I considered poor food choices”.

When asked what made her reach out for help, Caryn said, “I was sick and tired of beating myself up. I was tired of deprivation and the mental effort. I hated the way I felt physically and mentally”.

When asked what is different since coaching with Body Smart, Caryn explained, “I am happier, I am so much stronger, not just because of how I look but also because I feel like I am a better version of what I was.”

Coach James @jamessmith said, “In the time she’s been with Body Smart Caryn has completely turned her life around and if I didn’t know you could argue she’s a different lady. The confidence she has in herself carries over into her working life helping her make better decisions and supporting her staff more.”

“Not only did Caryn make amazing progress but she’s gone on to maintain the results she’s achieved through Christmas and 3 other vacations. A testament to the work she put in. Amazing work Caryn!”

Caryn said, “This journey has been life-changing in a positive way and helping me achieve so many other things in other aspects”.

She added, “If I can do it and end up being this happy, then you can too. You are worth it. You deserve to be happy.”

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