"The tools I have learned I will have for life thanks to Body Smart."

Ashleigh | Youth Worker | 20s

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“I’m a totally different person. Mentally I am aligned. Physically I am stronger and emotionally happier. I am so proud of myself.” This is how Ashleigh summarised the person she has now become after her journey with Body Smart.

Ashleigh works a stressful job that often led to her stress eating after work. After attempts of trying to achieve results through trying “too many crazy diets”, Ashleigh knew she needed help with mindset along with nutrition and fitness and reached out to us for help.

Ashleigh said “Coach Shaina was beside me the whole time, she taught me that I can achieve my goals without restricting myself and that habits and mindset are so important to helping me on my journey”.

Coach Shaina, @shainakfit said, “On our very first call, Ashleigh told me that she wasn’t looking for a quick fix and made a commitment to her body, mind and soul in enrolling on her program. She has followed through on this promise to herself and continues to show up even when the going gets tough (and she will be the first to admit that it does!).

“Her determination is inspiring! Ashleigh is an amazing client and person and I am so lucky we were paired up together. She has completely transformed her physique and gotten so strong with consistent strength training, now busting out pullups for reps! More importantly, the lifestyle changes Ashleigh has made will allow her to maintain this transformation and embody her best self, mentally and physically; which was her ultimate goal!”

“Body Smart worked for me because it is not just a diet plan /workout. It’s about forming daily habits, goals and having a coach that never gives up on you”

“I’m a totally different person. Mentally I am aligned. Physically I am stronger. Emotionally I am happier. It’s not the number on the scale it is the growth mindset.”

Ashleigh went on to highlight “Body Smart is not a just diet plan and workout. You form daily habits, mindsets, goals and you have a coach who never gives up on you.”

Ashleigh’s advice to those thinking of coaching “Do it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This is worth the investment! If you are unhappy like I was, take the first step in helping yourself and watch the miracles happen, this all starts with YOU!”

“The tools I have learned I will have for life thanks to Body Smart.”

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