28th March 2024

Why Muscle Matters More than BMI when it Comes to Health | EP71

Fat-loss Muscle

About the podcast

New research suggests that how much muscle you have is actually a far more reliable measure of mortality risk than BMI.

Having muscle is the cheat code to a longer, healthier life, leading to a lower risk of:

🫀 Heart Attack
🧠 Stroke
😢 Depression
🦴 Osteoporosis
📉 Slower metabolism

Considering most women don’t have a huge amount of muscle and we naturally start to lose what we do have from the age of 30… we thought this was a pretty important topic to cover!

Listen now​ to find out:

💪 How ‘muscly’ do you actually need to be (spoiler – not that muscly)!
💉 How more muscle helps fight diabetes risk
🤔 Why muscle is correlated with higher quality of life
🙌 How to get started with weightlifting

PLUS! What to do if you feel you’ve left it too late 😬

Studies discussed in the episode: PMID: 24561114, PMID: 32628589

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