13th July 2023

What to do when the diet ends: reverse dieting, maintenance calories and beyond

Discipline Nutrition

About the podcast

Research shows that within 2 years, successful dieters regain 50% of everything they lost. And within 5 years that rises to 80%.

If you know first-hand the frustration of piling the lbs back on every time you finish a diet, this episode is going to challenge you to think differently about your approach to weight loss, and ensure the “diet after the diet” sets you up for long term success!

Jaymie and Stacey discuss:‌

Why the diet industry wants to keep you on the yo-yo diet train
Why your weight bounces back every time you finish a diet
What metabolic adaptation is and why you shouldn’t be in a calorie deficit forever
Why fearing higher calories is normal if you’ve been trying to lose weight for years

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