Guest Episode 21st September 2024

Trauma, people pleasing, self-love and inner peace with Arian Samouie | Ep 44

Self awareness

About the podcast

In this enlightening episode with guest Arian Samouie, we dig deep into the thoughts, emotions and patterns which are keeping us stuck. Before you skip by, thinking this episode might be a bit woo-woo… don’t worry, Arian has 2 feet firmly planted in reality!

He explains in very logical terms how and why we react the way we do to certain situations and how you can start to shift behaviour patterns that are no longer serving you or your goals.

We discuss:

Why all of us have unresolved trauma influencing our behaviour
Where your people pleasing tendencies come from
A no BS approach to self-love
How Jaymie found inner peace (no, really!)
Why parenthood is a unique opportunity for healing

Guest info: Arian Samouie – intuitive trauma healing and transformation coach

Website: Arian Samouie – Become the most authentic you

Youtube: Arian Samouie

Instagram: (@arian_samouie)

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