Guest Episode 16th May 2024

The pursuit of ‘Awesome’ and supplements 101 with Ben Coomber | EP 78

Health Nutrition

About the podcast

Award-winning nutritionist and high-performance coach, Ben Coomber joins Jaymie and Stacey this week to #CutTheBS on supplements and share his thoughts on “How to Live an Awesome Life” (incidentally this is the name of his book) 😉

We can all agree there is a LOT of BS out there when it comes to supplements… but as a respected evidence-based nutritionist and CEO of Awesome Supplements; Ben is someone we can rely on to put the record straight.

So whether you’ve got questions about collagen or creatine, weight loss meds or whey protein, magnesium or multivitamins… listen in, to find out:

💊 The lowdown on supplements – do you really need them?
🤔 What kind of protein to opt for – can vegan really be as good as whey?
🤯 Where to start if getting healthy feels overwhelming
👪 How to give kids the best start in life with appropriate nutrition

PLUS Ben spills the beans on the most underrated and overrated supplements out there so you can spend your money wisely!

Guest Details: Ben Coomber – Nutritionist and author

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