Guest Episode 9th May 2024

The 3 pillars of mental fitness and why good mental health takes work – with Maya Raichoora | EP77

Mindset issues

About the podcast

Have you ever wondered if there is anything behind the bold claims made about visualisation?

Or maybe you’ve never even heard of “mental rehearsal” as a legit, science-backed technique (rather than something you subconsciously do when you’re worried about something 😜)

Today’s guest, Maya Raichoora, is one of the UK’s leading experts in visualisation and is here to #CutTheBS for you and explain:

🏋️‍♀️ The difference between affirmations, manifestation and visualisation
🧠 The power of neuroplasticity to rewire your brain
💪 Why mental health is something we need to work at
🤔 The 5 types of visualisation – and how to use each one
📆 How to incorporate mental fitness training into your routine

Plus, Maya leads a real-time visualisation where you can literally feel the power of this practice yourself!

Guest Info:

00:00 What if it is possible?
04:17 Visualisation or manifestation
07:20 Your brain doesn’t know the difference
08:59 What it takes to change your beliefs
15:28 ‘I had beliefs in my life that ruined me’
22:35 The beliefs women have
26:00 How to quiet negative thoughts
30:00 What makes us want to change?
33:30 Does happiness exist?
42:45 Direction matters more than speed
45:34 The goal setting techniques of high performers
51:10 Working out what we actually want
55:25 The importance of being alone
01:06:41 Mental fitness & visualisation explained
01:29:50 Cutting the BS about visualisation

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