Guest Episode 21st March 2024

Stress, hormones & the Six Pillars of Health with Endocrinologist and Womens’ Health Expert, Dr Annice Mukherjee | EP70

Stress Women's health

About the podcast

Expert endocrinologist, Annice Mukerhjee joins us on this week’s episode sharing her DECADES of experience working in women’s health and hormonal health.

Annice is a huge advocate for empowering women to understand their health and take control of it themselves 💪

In this fascinating conversation, Annice explains the 6 things YOU need to start taking ownership of for better health and well being. Plus, we covered:
😣 Why STRESS is the biggest threat to women’s well-being & health
💉 A true expert opinion on weight loss medications
⚖️ The overwhelm of conflicting health advice and what to do about it
👩🏼‍⚕️ Annice’s personal experience of breast cancer, menopause and more
If you’re fed up with being pushed from pillar to post, not taken seriously with your health struggles, confused by conflicting advice, or just finding it impossible to get a straight answer from medical professionals… this episode is for you!

Guest info: Annice Mukherjee MD FRCP

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