Guest Episode 27th June 2024

Real-life fitness journey: How Coach Anna lost 50lbs postpartum | EP84

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About the podcast

Body Smart Coach, Anna Skinner, joins Jaymie and Stacey on the podcast today to share her own fitness and weight loss story on today’s episode, including:

🤰 Her 50lb weight gain & fitness struggles during pregnancy and postpartum
💪 How her body has never been the same since and why this is OK!
📸 Body dysmorphia – how it takes time for your brain to catch up with your transformation
👯 Why these experiences have made Anna the coach she is today
⚖️ How Anna and I balance busy careers, fitness and motherhood
🧠 The mindset work Anna does with clients to help them transform their lives

This is a heartfelt and honest chat about Anna’s experiences including the struggles of new motherhood, emotional eating and the small steps Anna took to bring her to the place she is today: 40 and fitter than ever!

00:00 I was so angry with myself
01:15 Meet coach Anna
02:02 I was always active – until I got pregnant
04:07 I gained 50lbs and lost my mobility due to SPD
06:00 The things I still can’t do after SPD
08:55 My rock bottom moment
12:41 When you lose the ability to exercise
17:00 Coming back to fitness after pregnancy
19:55 How can we make small improvements now?
23:30 Doing it for the kids!
29:57 Coach Anna’s fitness habits
33:35 How to juggle work family and fitness without mum guilt
42:58 Learning to prioritise self-care
47:59 Visualising the person you want to be
50:20 Weight loss doesn’t have to change your identity – even if you love food!
54:44 Even fitness coaches have bad habits
1:03:20 How your body image adapts

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