Guest Episode 24th August 2023

Master your Mindset: the Power of Psychology with James Marquis | Ep 40

Mindset issues

About the podcast

This week, psychologist and wellbeing coach James Marquis joins us on the Body Smart podcast.

We discuss how mindset is the secret ingredient for success, and explore how YOU can tap into the power of psychology to lose weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

We cover soooo much good stuff! Including:

Why we settle for “OK enough” instead of changing our lives for the better.
The neurological anatomy of behaviour change and why it feels SO HARD!
How to build self-belief… when even Bruce Springsteen suffers with imposter syndrome!
The importance of self awareness when it comes to building happiness and health
This is an essential episode if you know you want to change, but are struggling to make that change happen!

James gives some great explanations of human behaviour and tons of simple, actionable steps YOU can take to make your goals feel more in reach 💪

Guest info: James Marquis – Psychologist and Life Coach

Referenced Book: Minding the Body, Mending the Mind Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Joan Z. Borysenko

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