Guest Episode 18th April 2024

How I lost 87lbs – Elise-Rose Stanier shares her journey of weight loss, health, self-love & inner confidence | EP74

Confidence Fat-loss

About the podcast

Stacey and Jaymie are joined by the lovely Elise-Rose Stanier at Body Smart HQ for an honest chat about her incredible 87lb (39kg) weight loss journey.

From feeling lost and hopeless, to empowered and strong – this is one emotional ride!

Elise shares the highs and the lows of her transformation, including:

😨 The scary moment that made her realise she needed to change
💗 Her struggle with self-acceptance and self-love
📉 How long it took to lose 87lbs and the challenges along the way
🥣 What her diet looks like (and it’s not chicken and broccoli!)
🌟 Finding her inner confidence and unshakeable self-belief

There are so many relatable parts to Elise’s story – from regaining weight during COVID to tackling gym-anxiety – so no matter where you are on your health journey this is a must-listen!

00:00 Elise Rose Stanier and her amazing transformation

05:10 Hitting rock bottom – the pivotal moments that made Elise-Rose begin her weight loss journey

10:26 One small goal at a time – the weight loss strategy that worked

20:39 The unexpected side-effects of a healthier life-style

22:49 Resisting the urge to binge or skip a workout

27:48 How to maintain motivation with intrinsic rewards

30:28 Weight loss isn’t linear – the ups and downs of losing fat

34:24 Learning to believe in yourself

38:30 Building up the courage to go to the gym

42:30 Losing weight won’t necessarily fill you with confidence

55:00 Elise-Rose’s tips to achieve self-acceptance

59:50 My blood pressure was so high, I had nose bleeds everyday – but I still didn’t lose weight

1:02:30 Setting new goals and celebrating achievements

1:11:23 Cutting the BS with the diet industry

Guest Info: Elise-Rose Stanier


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