2nd May 2024

Heal your relationship with the scale: understand why bodyweight fluctuates & take the stress out of weighing yourself | EP76

Fat-loss Self awareness

About the podcast

If you have a history of struggling with your weight, the scales can be laden with emotion. One little number can change the course of your whole day.

Well, Jaymie and Stacey are here to help you stop the crazy power the scale seems to have over you! As well as exploring why our goal weight feels like it means so much, they explain:

🩸Just how much your weight can vary throughout your menstrual cycle
🍣How different foods can cause the scales to go wild
😴The impact of sleep and stress on weight fluctuations
📉How to know if what you’re doing is working… and what to do if its not!

Plus, nobody wants to weigh themselves daily forever. So find out just how long you need to keep weighing yourself once you reach your goal (you might be surprised!)

If you’re a busy woman aged 30+ and want to…

✅ Lose 30-60lbs (14-27kg) in under 6 months📉
✅ Develop lifelong healthy habits & skills to make it easy 🙌
✅ Rebuild your confidence & self-esteem and feel like you again 💁‍♀️

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