Guest Episode 9th November 2023

Gut Health: The links to obesity, mental health, immunity and how YOU can improve your gut microbiome | Ep 51


About the podcast

Stacey and Jaymie are joined by RD Nicole Keeling to discuss everything you’ve ever wanted to know about gut health! You’ll be pleased to her that bread is not the devil 😉 and that making healhtier choices is easier than you might think. Listen in to find out:

💩 How much should you be pooping?
🧠 The link between your gut and mental health
🥤 Why aspartame may affect your mood
🦠 The difference between pre- and pro-biotics
🍞 Simple swaps to boost your gut health

Plus Nicole gives practical tips on how you can make small changes to reap the benefits of a happy digestive system 🤗

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