Guest Episode 13th June

Fitness Over 50: A midlife muscle mission with fitness influencer, Annie Murray | EP82

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About the podcast

If you’ve dabbled with fitness for a while but you’re struggling to see the results you’re after, you’ll definitely resonate with Annie’s journey…

After a lifetime of always trying to be ‘as-skinny-as-possible’, Annie made the shift to weight training at 50 and she’s never looked back! At 53 she’s rocking the best physique of her life, has more energy and better general health. So she joined us to spill the beans on how you can make the shift too!

Listen to get inspired and find out:

🏋️‍♀️ Tips on starting an exercise routine & overcoming gym-anxiety
🤗 The life hack that makes regular exercise feel easy
💪 How heavy you should lift to get that toned look
🥗 What Annie eats to maintain her physique
📈 Why women typically gain weight after age 30 and how you can avoid this happening to you!

Whether you need midlife fitness motivation or are struggling with gym-intimidation this episode is packed with relatable and practical tips for you to get started!

00:00 53 in a 36-year-old’s body

01:15 You’re never too old to start a fitness journey

05:50 The power of exercise buddies

09:30 Making friends through fitness

11.25 How exercise improves mental health

17:00 How lifting weights at 50 changed my health and my body

23:55 The benefits of building muscle

29:30 Fuelling with protein

33:40 A healthy lifestyle can mean ‘more’

36:22 Training smart and eating smart

42:55 Full body training is underrated

44:40 The ten exercises I’ve done for the last three years

48:05 Have you got a favourite muscle?

50:09 The big six: the only routine you need

53:20 I was always trying to be skinny

56:50 How I unprocessed my diet

01:10:56 Changing your palette

01:14:00 All or nothing mentality

01:15:15 Setting yourself up for success

01:17:50 Annie’s best bits

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