Metabolism 8th February 2024

Does your metabolism matter for weight loss? Metabolic adaptation, set points, and diet breaks. | Ep 64


About the podcast

If you’ve ever wondered if your metabolism is broken, or a slow metabolism is holding you back from losing weight… this episode is for you!!

Jaymie and I are on a mission to #CutTheBS with the mythical metabolism. And you’ll learn:

🤔 What metabolism even means

📉 How much does metabolism matter when it comes to weight loss?

📊 What is metabolic adaptation?

🔥 Can you increase your metabolism… and how?

👵🏻 Why metabolism sometimes slows down with age

Plus, when, how and why we might use a diet break with clients who reach plateaus.

And if metabolism is NOT the thing stopping you losing weight, learn what you need to focus on instead 😉

🧑‍🏫 Studies referenced in the episode:

PMID: 32386226
PMID: 19094249

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