Guest Episode 5th October 2023

Body image, discipline and fighting back against ageing with Elissa Corrigan | Ep 46

Beauty standards Discipline

About the podcast

Reality TV star, business owner and mum, Elissa Corrigan joins us on this week’s podcast to share:

πŸ‘™ Her battles with body image

🧠 Her mindset around health and wellness

πŸ‘Ά The pressure to bounce back after having a baby

πŸ”‘ How she juggles staying in shape and running a growing business

πŸ’Š The role supplements can play in feeling your best

Grab your headphones and listen in for an honest and relaxed chat around all things health and wellness!

Guest Info:

Elissa Corrigan, founder of Elle Sera and host of the Elle Sera Podcast

Trigger warning: Please note this episode contains some discussions around body image, self talk and eating habits that listerners with eating disorders or disordered eating might find triggering. If you realise you need support please reach out to an organisation such as:

Get information and support – Beat

National Eating Disorders Association

NEDIC | home

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