Guest Episode 19th October 2024

Aggressive dieting, metabolism myths and finding your happy weight with Martin MacDonald | Ep 48

Fad diets Metabolism

About the podcast

In this episode, Stacey and Jaymie are joined by Martin Macdonald of Mac Nutrition to talk about how to get weight loss results, FAST. They also cover:

– Sustainable weight loss and healthy habits vs quick fixes.

– The science behind fat loss, calorie deficits, and the math involved

– Insights into the psychological aspects of dieting.

– The pros and cons of fasting.


00:00 – Introduction: The Relationship Between Body Weight, Metabolism, And Caloric Intake

07:48 – Sustainable Weight Loss: Ditch the Quick Fixes

16:31 – Crunching the Numbers: Understanding Fat Loss and Calorie Deficits

18:34 – Unlocking the Math: How to Lose Body Fat at an Impressive Rate

23:32 – Weight Loss Resistance: Debunking the Myths

30:56 – The Power of Refeeds: The easier way to stick with an diet

32:47 – Don’t Hate Yourself into Change: The value of coaching in Achieving Happiness

37:19 – Unbelievable Weight Loss Journey: Mr. AB’s Incredible 385 Day Fast!

44:18 – Unlocking Weight Loss Secrets: The Power of Delayed Fasting

46:07 – Embracing Individuality: Finding What Works Best for You

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