"I now feel in control of my life and I love my body!"


Sonia's story

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Sonia is a career-driven single mum who wanted to take back control of her body and mind.

Before joining Body Smart, Sonia felt mentally frustrated and confused. Emotionally felt anxious and physically, she felt exhausted.

When asked what she’d tried in the past to achieve results, she said, “I would starve myself whilst trying to work out six times a week.”

“I tried every fad but still couldn’t understand why I wasn’t losing weight.”

“I didn’t understand my body anymore and how to manage it.”

As a project manager working busy hours, struggling to fit health and fitness into her lifestyle, Sonia decided to reach out.

She said, “I became anxious that I was not able to understand my body; I was desperate for guidance.”

When asked what was different after her journey with Body Smart, Sonia explained, “mentally I am in control, I feel in control of my life.”

Being diagnosed with PCOS, Sonia appreciated how Body Smart raised awareness of weight loss and its effects on clients who suffer from hormonal imbalances.

“Body Smart was not a diet; it was a change in my way of life.”

Coach Eric @ejsarra paired with Sonia highlighted, “When Sonia joined Body Smart with her mind and body were not working together.”

“Now she is more confident, in control and has learned to give self grace after social situations and enjoy her time with friends and family.”

Reflecting on her coaching experience, Sonia said, “Eric has been the biggest factor in my success. He has been kind, supportive, fun and encouraging.”

Advice to those thinking of coaching, Sonia said, ” There are so many elements to this puzzle but once pieced together, you will achieve a way of life whereby you will never pile the weight back on again.

“Signing up for Body Smart is the best thing I have ever done. I can now eat carbs, chocolate and the foods I love, which I denied myself all of my life”.

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